Research work

War Friends
This DVD is our tribute to John Thurlby.
Images of yesterday and today, newspaper articles, military maps and photos of John’s meeting with his friends from Bagnacavallo, form the backdrop to the detailed story with which he traces the months of winter 1944/45 spent in Bagnacavallo; terrible months, away from home, but which have left an indelible mark and seen new and deep friendships born.

Available in Italian or English.

The story of the passage of allied troops in our areas through images of the time. Images showing the harshness of military life, but also how the soldiers, by interacting with the local population, managed to find, for short periods, the “normality” and the “taste of home”. John Thurlby and Alan Woods lived this experience firsthand, and their vivid memories, after more than 60 years, make it clear how important it was to find a home away from home.
Available in Italian.

Riding on Memories: Sixty years later, we retrace the stages of the advance of the Canadian Perth Regiment in the area between the Lamone and Senio rivers, guided by the descriptions of Stan Scislowsky in “Not All of Us Were Brave”. We start from Villanova di Bagnacavallo by bicycle and take photographs of the streets, fields, farms and other buildings according to the order remembered precisely by Stan. The beautiful spring day and the tranquility of the countryside are very different from the scenario in which the Perth moved, but we are still able to trace some signs of the war in the old farmhouses, in the fields that we imagine crossed by the soldiers and in the narrow canals, up at the Senio embankment, where our bike ride ends near the war memorial.
Bilingual Italian / English version.

Riding on Stan’s Memories: DVD of the photo reportage of the route taken by Canadian troops after crossing the Lamone river

In Sunny Italy: Electronic catalog of comics and documents of the exhibition ‘IN SUNNY ITALY’

This research, broadcast by the RAI program 'Who has seen it?', speaks of a fact that happened in our area: during a short leave in Christmas 1944, three Canadian soldiers were quartered in Ravenna and the mother of Fred Cederberg sent from distant Canada to her son, As well as gifts for the three of them, also a package of gifts to offer to some children to make them spend a happy holiday, being aware of the suffering that the war was creating with us.

Acts of humanity in times of war: Documentary dedicated to the training course followed during the 2018-2019 school year by students of the 5th grade classes of the Berti di Bagnacavallo comprehensive school. A journey into the historical memory of their country through the names, stories and faces of people who lived in wartime, when even the smallest gesture can make the difference to become an ingrained and fundamental moment of humanity. Production: Biroke Studio.
Available in Italian with English subtitles.